Rumor: iPhone 13 will be slightly thicker with a larger camera module

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 13 models will be slightly thicker than the current iPhone 12 models. Additionally, the unit protruding in front of the camera appears to be slightly larger and thicker.

In the news: New rumors about IPhone 13 series Come from trusted often Mac rumors On the basis of the charts of the various models they can display. This indicates that the iPhone 13 models will be slightly thicker than their predecessors and that the camera bubble will also be larger and thicker.

What exactly is changing?

  • IPhone 13 and 13 Pro are both 7.57mm thick. That’s 0.17mm thicker than the iPhone 12 models. So most people won’t feel that little bulge.
  • A larger change is made to the thickness of the camera unit. The iPhone 12 series has a bubble that is 1.5 to 1.7 mm thick, which would be much more.
    • The iPhone 13 will get a camera module with a thickness of 2.51 mm.
    • IPhone 13 Pro gets a 3.65mm camera module.
    • Unlike iPhone 12 models, the single lenses themselves will not stand out more with the iPhone 13.
  • Due to the modified size of the camera unit, Apple may also move the buttons on the side slightly. This relates to the on / off button, the mute button, and the volume buttons. All of these buttons may appear later on iPhone 13.

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