Ramadan begins Thursday: “the month of wisdom, patience and solidarity” | internal

For Belgian Muslims, Ramadan, the annual month of fasting, will start this year on Thursday, March 23rd. This was stated by the Executive Director of Muslims in Belgium (EMB).

The decision to start Ramadan on Thursday came after a meeting of the Council of Religious Scholars, which is affiliated with the Election Management Body, the representative body for Muslims in our country.

The EMB congratulates the entire Muslim population in Belgium, and hopes that this blessed month will be marked by wisdom, patience and, above all, solidarity with those in need after the natural and human disasters of recent months. In a press release.

During Ramadan, Muslims are not allowed to eat, drink, smoke or have sexual intercourse between sunrise and sunset, although exceptions apply for people with physical or mental disabilities, pregnant women and children. Muslims traditionally celebrate the end of Ramadan with Eid.

To determine the exact start and end dates for the annual fasting month, the sighting of the new crescent moon is taken into account. Ramadan sometimes begins on different days in different countries, because the moon must be visible.

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