Rebellious bear Ben escapes again from the American Zoo | outside

A 4-year-old spotted bear, Ben, escaped from his enclosure at the St. Louis, Missouri Zoo, on Thursday. The zoo clearly did not live up to the adventurous nature of the bear, as it was already the second time he managed to escape this month.

The bear, described by the zoo as “young and adventurous,” was not allowed to enjoy its freedom for long. After about 50 minutes, it can be returned to its enclosure. The American Zoo quickly implemented its safety protocol, which quickly put guests and staff out of danger and allowed peace to return to the park.

Not the first time

Ben went to look at the rest of the zoo earlier this month after messing with the steel mesh of the fence, the zoo says. Then it took an hour and a half to catch the bear. To prevent him from escaping from his country’s fence again, this fence has been reinforced, including by adding stainless steel cargo clamps with a tensile strength of 204 kilograms. But it turned out to be in vain because it didn’t stop the rebellious Ben from slipping away again. In a statement, the zoo indicated that it is looking into alternative ways to adequately secure its habitat.

Spectacled bears, so named for the coloration around their eyes, are the only bears living in South America. According to the St. Louis Zoo, they are highly skilled climbers, often climbing the tops of the tallest trees in the rainforest or scaling steep, rocky terrain to over 4,000 feet in search of food.

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