(Re)discovering the Bible through the lens of science

Nieuwerkerker drs.ing.Cees J Muusse’s book takes you on an interesting journey into the distant past. Based on scholarly insights, he sheds new light on the background and origins of the Bible in this four-part lecture series.

Lectures focus on scientific aspects, not on religious or theological discussions. We explore treasure troves of archeology, history and diverse cultures to better understand the past. Truth is often more wonderful than fiction, and the Bible still holds many secrets. Cees J. Muusse studied theology in Utrecht and worked abroad for large dredging companies for years. He later became a safety expert. He wrote several books on theology and security. The four lectures can be attended separately.

October 12: Science vs. Bible: In the first evening there is an introduction to the (alleged) conflict between science and religion. They have fought and excluded each other for centuries. The different opinions and visions were far apart and seemed to be mutually exclusive and incompatible. We will check whether this is the case, and especially whether this is the case in our time.

November 9: Previous Other Worlds – Before the modern era, scientific discoveries have proven the existence of other cultures and civilizations before the modern era. We’re looking at that specifically on the second evening. Are they myths or is there a source of truth in them?

December 14: World time in different cultures: Different civilizations have passed down narratives about ancient times (the Mayans, Jews, and Babylonians), and we will see in the third evening the extent of their compatibility and integration with each other. There’s also a lot about this in the traditional Gospels, if you want to find out.

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January 11: Origin of the Bible: The interpretation of the Bible as contained in tradition is up for discussion on the fourth evening.

Admission to all evenings is free. Coffee, soft drinks or tea during the break at your own expense. There is plenty of opportunity for questions and further exploration. Want to check where you stand and stay informed of any changes? Then sign up for the evening(s) of your choice. https://www.bibliotheekdegroenevenen.nl/home/aanmeldenlezenceesmuusse.html Or at the library in Nieuwekerk aan den IJssel

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