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Friday, September 29, 2023 | 20:00

Pink Moon in association with Leader De Schoorlse Screenwriter Bastian Kruger

Netherlands/Slovenia 2022. Comedy by Flor van der Meulen. With Julia Akkermans, Johan Leyssen, Elko Smits, Annick Pfeiffer, Sinam Kavous Genres: Drama/Comedy; Rating on IMDb: 7.1.

Shortly before his seventy-fifth birthday, widower Jean (Lessin) tells his children that he no longer wants to live, even though he has no physical complaints and a large social network. Daughter Iris (a lovely character, played forcefully by Akkermans) finds this unacceptable and desperately wants to change her father’s ideas. The strong directorial debut has a surprisingly light tone, which never detracts from the gravity of the situation. The film does not provide easy answers, but it does offer an honest human perspective. The final scene, filmed in one long take, is particularly impressive.

on September 29 Offers Filmhouse School Dutch film Pink moonWith Johan Leysin, Julia Akkermans and Elko Smit. A film with a light touch on a special topic: self-determination after a fulfilled life. A fascinating and emotional topic that will spark conversations. Therefore, we are very happy that the film will be presented to us by our compatriot and the film’s screenwriter, Bastian Kruger. In addition to a short introduction, he will also answer questions asked while watching the film. We are convinced that his presence gives the film an additional dimension that should not be missed!

Bastian Kruger is a well-known resident of Schoorl and originally comes from the east of the Netherlands. He studied at the University of Virginia (1996-2001), where he earned a master’s degree in psychology. He then studied to become a screenwriter at the Dutch Film Academy (graduated in 2006 for the short film script: Otzenrath, the last day And the movie: tar). It is also known as: commands, Pinosa And I have nothing to declare.

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For more information, see the interview with Bastian Kruger In Neuesblad van Bergen on September 22, 2023 And with the director Flor van der Meulen for Pink Moon – Filmkrant.

October 2023

Friday, October 6 | 20:00

Inchirin Panchayat

Ireland, United Kingdom, United States, 2022, 114 minutes, English speaking, Director: Martin McDonagh, With: Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, Kerry Condon, Genre: Drama, Comedy

Pádraic has been Colm’s best friend since time immemorial. They live on an island on the west coast of Ireland. Their friendship hangs by a thread when Colm refuses to speak to Padrić from day to day. This change has an impact on the close-knit community and sets off a chain of events that will determine their future lives.

Friday, October 13 | 20:00

The quiet girl

Ireland, 2022, 94 minutes, English, Irish language, Director: Colm Baird, With: Catherine Clinch, Carrie Crawley, Andrew Bennett, Genre: Drama

The girl Kate is kicked out by her family in the summer of 1981. She moves in with Seán and Eibhlín Cinnsealach, two friends of her mother whom she is meeting for the first time. During her stay, Kate thrives and discovers a new way of life, but she also stumbles upon a secret…

more information? Places can be reserved on Or at the box office before the show (the hall opens fifteen minutes before the show)

The film is shown without intermission.

Filmhuis Schoorl screens its films weekly on Fridays at 8:00 pm in the theater hall of the village center De Blinkerd, Heereweg 150, Schoorl.

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In addition, Filmhuis Schoorl also offers all 3H Wednesday of the month at 2:00 p.m., her films in the context of FilmCafé, also at the Theaterzaal of Dorpscentrum De Blinkerd, Heereweg 150, Schoorl.

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