Removing the trunk of a famous British tree after vandalism outside

In the United Kingdom, the Sycamore Gap maple tree was completely cut down on Thursday, after it was vandalized two weeks ago.

Workers cut the huge tree trunk on Thursday, after which the tree was lifted and transported using a crane. “We took the decision to remove it for health and safety reasons. When it fell, it found itself in a precarious position on Hadrian’s Wall,” the British national heritage organization said.

A wide-ranging public consultation has now been launched to gather ideas on how to honor the tree, which once stood isolated at the foot of two hills in a stunning sight. According to the first reactions, some suggested turning it into seats or a sculpture.

Two weeks ago, a sycamore tree was cut down in an area suspected of vandalism. The maple was about three hundred years old and in good health. It is famous for its charming location between two hills next to Hadrian’s Wall, and was featured in the 1991 film about Robin Hood.

Since the tree fell, police arrested a 16-year-old boy and a 60-year-old man, and they were soon released. Meanwhile, the investigation is still ongoing.

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