Replace or remove the Airpods Max headband with a paper clip

IFixit said it’s very easy to replace the AirPods Max headband. The website explains how to remove the headband with a paper clip or the standard SIM card tool.

Read on after the announcement.

The AirPods Max headband is easy to replace with a paper clip

File appears AirPods Max Easier to customize than initially thought. From a video iFixit Explains that it is possible to disconnect the headband without removing the headphones. Users simply remove the magnetic earbuds, fold the ear cups flat and insert a paper clip into a small hole above the headset.

Once detached, the small connectors can be seen on either side of the headband. These connections appear to be intended to provide power and data to the earphones. As a result, it is very likely that users will be able to switch the different different AirPods Max‌ headphones’ headbands. With the option to create new color combinations, even when not available.

Before the AirPods Max launched, there was already a suspicion that the headbands could be replaced. However, just before the launch, this rumor appears to have receded. Now switching headbands appears to be possible after all. Thus the Cupertino company puts the concept behind fungibility Apple WatchOn the straps.

It is also possible that the modular function is only present to improve repairability. This also explains why Apple has hidden the functionality directly.

Users who wish to remove or change the AirPods Max headband should proceed with caution. It is not yet certain if disconnection affects product warranty.

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Airpods Max headband replaced

AirPods Max holders complain: Apple headphones drain quickly

The iFixit break up isn’t the only news about the Airpods Max. In recent days, the official Apple forum and Reddit have been full of complaints about the AirPods Max’s battery draining fast. Users reported that overnight, their battery drained at 0 or 1 percent. It doesn’t matter whether the Apple headphones are in the included Smart Case or not.

There are no final solutions for battery problems yet. You can try a number of things.

Video: AirPods Max review

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