Part of the parlor is returned and delivered by two Russians

The controversial social networking parlor has once again given a sign of life. It was banned from the Internet by technology companies earlier this month, but has now found a new web domain provider. The company is registered in the UK, but the owners live in Russia.

Website Can be reviewed, but not fully operational, will not run again. Users will not be able to log in or post messages yet. Only the news of CEO John Matsey, parlor investor Dan Pongino and parlor employee Amy Beacoff is known.

The site will be fully available again soon, according to Mets News. Inevitably thank you for our visit with hard work and diligence against all odds. Despite threats and harassment, no one resigned the parlor. We are getting closer as a team. ‘

Matsey ‘(parlor) hopes to be fully available again by the end of the month’. He said The fox.

News from Parlor CEO John Mats.
Photo: R.R.

Amazon, the server provider, took the website offline after the Capitol storm in Washington because the parlor felt it had violated the terms and conditions of their contract. Social media is popular among Al-Wright and Trump supporters. In the aftermath of the storm, Amazon asked the parlor to delete a hundred of the most critical messages. These are reports of vague death threats, such as’ police shooting the heads of senators’ bastards’. The parlor did not succeed in doing so, and decided to stop hosting the Amazon site.

Social media did not accept Amazon’s decision and is suing the technology company for breach of contract.

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Russian owners

Meanwhile, Parlor has found another company that is willing to offer it. According to the news agency Bloomberg This is about the DTOS-Guardian Corporation. The DTOS-Guardian website says it has an office in Edinburgh, Scotland. However, according to official documents from Company House, a British organization that registers companies in the United Kingdom, states that the two owners, Evgeny Marchenko and Alexei Likachev, live in Russia.

Parlor’s domain name is registered with Epic Inc., a Washington state – based web service. Epic is also the domain registrar for Coffee, another social networking site popular with the far right.

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