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A long-awaited report on potential Russian interference in the UK, among other things, the referendum campaign that led to Britain’s exit from the European Union, will be released tomorrow. This was announced by the relevant parliamentary committee.

The 50-page report examines Russia’s activities and should clarify doubts about Russian interference in the Brexit referendum.

After all, the relationship between London and Moscow is tense. Last week, the United Kingdom accused “Russian actors” of interfering in the parliamentary election campaign last December. It also claims that Russian intelligence services are behind the computer attacks investigating a vaccine against the Coronavirus. The Kremlin has vehemently rejected the accusations.

The Parliamentary Committee began the investigation in November 2017 and delivered that report to the Prime Minister in mid-October. The government decided in early November not to publish the report before the December parliamentary elections. Then the Conservatives, led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, emerged victorious.

A spokesman for Johnson said Johnson gave the green light recently to publish the report. This had to be done “as soon as possible”, once the new members were appointed to the committee.

The report will be presented to Parliament at 10:30 am local time (11:30 Belgian time).

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