Republican deadlock over House speaker is complete: Trump supporter Jim Jordan wants to persevere despite opposition

Republicans are looking for a new president because the previous president, Kevin McCarthy, was impeached. Members of the Radical Party accused him of collaborating with the Democrats in the so-called close To avoid (the federal government reaching a dead end due to lack of agreement on the available budget).

But the Republicans have not succeeded in appointing a new president at the present time. This is mainly due to the deep divide between moderate Republicans and the more extreme members of the party. Given their narrow majority in the House of Representatives, the new president must have support from both camps.

There has been no Speaker of the House of Representatives for more than two weeks (never before), and until a new Speaker is elected, the House will remain politically paralyzed. “Such a president is necessary to run Congress, to enact and approve laws, and to set budgets,” says American correspondent Björn Sonnens.

For example, the House of Representatives cannot approve resolutions or aid packages, just as the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians erupts again. Additional aid to Ukraine cannot be approved at this time.

Giving the interim president more powers was an option to break the deadlock somewhat. But that doesn’t seem to be working either.

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