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With The Gap from developer Label This, we play as Joshua who finds himself in an unfortunate situation with his family affected by a neurological disorder. Joshua has lost his memories and must regain them through moments of déjà vu in a parallel universe. Meanwhile, you also have to do everything you can to keep your family together.

We think the way all this is told to you is excellent. You start with an almost blank wall where a number of things have been identified that need to be investigated further. You will find different things in your environment that you can record and study. Some of these objects will activate a memory that will take you to another world.

This in turn provides new opportunities to discover things. You’ll then have to combine these different elements to solve small puzzles. This way you can find a PIN that you can use in another world to unlock a tablet. You will never get stuck and you will never get lost. Although it may seem that you are in a vicious circle, you can always get out of it quite easily. It’s unfortunate that there’s no hint system available in case you don’t see it, which we experienced ourselves on a few occasions.

A lot of thought has also been given to the details of the various objects. You can already use the buttons on a mobile phone and a computer is more than just a screen with a keyboard. The game also has the necessary voice acting, with strong performances from the voice actors. Visually, the title certainly looks good, with well-crafted and believable environments. It’s not realistic, but in the style chosen, The Gap does a solid job.

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