Research on hate and aggression against female politicians wins CBS-Tegel

Subverting democracy

The Guardian, The New York Times, Amnesty International And other international organizations have written a lot about this in recent years: politicians get hate online, but women are disproportionately and remarkably private. Those are inconvenient numbers. Not only does it offend and intimidate individual politicians, it also undermines democracy in general. In United Kingdom As a result, eighteen MPs did not contest re-election in the last Lok Sabha elections. It was directly attributable to two journalists and two scientists 339 932 tweets One in between October 1, 2020 And February 26, 2021 Sent to all women on the Dutch electoral roll.

Gender in Public Debate

“The goal was to capture the subjective experiences that can always be questioned and discussed in hard data, to map the development of gender in public debate,” she says. From the Chancellor. ‘Collaboration with our colleagues Utrecht Data School It has a huge added value,’ says Sarris. ‘The two fields of scientific research and journalism complement each other well here. Method, question, design of algorithms for organizing data, presentation and social impact: everything comes together in such a project.

Social trend

The researchers chose to analyze tweets because Twitter is a highly political social media From the Chancellor from. All politicians and journalists have Twitter. You’re mainly hearing about ‘discussed minorities’ there, but with that notion in mind, it’s a very valuable resource for exposing trends in public debate.’ Apart from analysis of several tweets of politicians, newspaper reports and other media appearances, several conversations were conducted. “We noticed that many women were reluctant to participate,” says Sarris. ‘You’re vulnerable, you already have a lot going for you as a woman in politics. Then such an inquiry becomes extra burdensome.’ However, sarees and From the Chancellor Create the right situations and collect many stories. For example, by focusing on the facts and telling the women interviewed together. “We weren’t interested in personal experience, but rather in the social trend. We wanted to bring that out in the interviews. And that was possible, because in essence they were telling a shared story.

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Presentation of de Decals in The Hague on May 23, 2022

good time

The article in the Groene Amsterdammer did not miss its effect. And that has to do with the timing: a Wednesday afternoon, just before the parliamentary elections March 2021,’ say From the Chancellor. The election came up in the debate shortly after the article was published. Sigrid Cock He mentioned in his speech on International Women’s Day. The discussion with the women leaders of the party was very significant Talk show M. They all recognized gender, but not for themselves. That was the point we wanted to make,” says Sarris. “It’s systematic, not a collection of random cases.”

Technically competent research

In its jury report, the jury was clear about the quality of the research team’s work: ‘It objectively and effectively reveals how misogyny manifests itself on social media based on technically competent research, interviews and textual analysis of Twitter. Additionally, the study objectively shows that women politicians are approached differently than men in interviews. The research account is more detailed, transparent, and specifies choices and vulnerabilities. This research partially relies on algorithms that will be tested and improved over time. The research shows that troll storms on social media are still happening.’

Enjoy the award-winning CBS tile

The research team consisted of two men and two women. “When we started analyzing the tweets and messages from the mainstream media, we men were more shocked than women by the image that emerged,” she said. From the Chancellor up to Ten percent of tweets directed at women were aggressive or hateful in tone. And subtle forms of gender: women are often addressed formally by their first name on talk shows, for example, and questions and explanations are of a different nature.’ Journalists are thrilled to receive a CBS Tile Award for Data Journalism. But we did it with four people: Joris Veerbeek And Zahra Mohammed of Utrecht Data School He worked hard like that. I want you to at least write it down,’ he concludes From the Chancellor.

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