Researchers say that exercising only on weekends is considered healthy for the heart

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Sports and exercise: our bodies cannot do without it. But not everyone has the time and energy to go to work during the week. If you’re someone who only exercises on the weekends, researchers from the US have good news: It’s totally good for your health.

Now, if you’re training for a specific goal, or want to build your muscles a certain way, a different schedule will probably work better, but concentrating all of your exercise into a longer session in a day or two isn’t a problem for your heart.

In this study, scientists studied the data of nearly 90,000 people. Whether these subjects were distributed or focused on one or two days of exercise of the recommended 150 minutes per week had a similarly significant effect on the risk of heart disease or stroke, when compared with data from subjects who did not exercise or hardly exercised.

In follow-up research, they want to see if these similar health benefits also apply to other diseases. But when it comes to your heart, it looks like it’s called Weekend Warriors They have nothing to fear.

Read more about research here: Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about skipping exercise during the week.

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