Louis Theroux interviews Pierre Grylls and Dame Judi Dench

I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen a lot of Louis Theroux statements. They are always so attractive! Now we have good news, because starting tonight – Friday 21 July – you can watch Louis Theroux Interviews, in which he interviews comedy stars from Britain. Louis Theroux interviews – Rita Oda, Catherine Ryan, Pierre Grylls, Yunglut, Stormzy and Dame Judi Dench – on Friday at 9.15pm on VPRO on NPO3.

Louis Theroux Interviews…

New series Louis Theroux*: Louis Theroux Interviews… in which he talks with stars from the United Kingdom: pop star Rita Ora, actress Kathryn Ryan, TV presenter Bear Grylls, rock musician Youngblood, rapper Stormzy and actress Dame Judi Dench. Read more about Louis Theroux’s interviews with these celebrities.

Interviews with guests Louis Theroux:

If guests want to know more about Louis Theroux interviews, click on their name*. In addition, you will learn more about the Louis Theroux interview guests at the bottom of the article.

Watch Louis Theroux interviews

Louis Theroux interviews…, from Friday July 21, 21.15 on VPRO on NPO 3. Thereafter, the episodes will also be aired on NPO Start and Plus. Did you know you can watch NPO Start from abroad, so make sure you have one VPN connectionYou are placed in the Netherlands.

More about the guests in Louis Theroux interviews…


Louis Theroux met one of England’s most successful rappers, Michael Ebenezer Owuo (1993). Storm Catching up with Lewis at his home in south-west London, he talks about his childhood, his love life and the pressures he faces as one of the country’s most beloved musicians and role models.

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Stormzy recently performed at North Sea Jazz 2023.

Dame Judi Dench

Oscar-winning actress Dame Judi Dench (1934) has played memorable roles in theater and film over the past sixty years, such as M in Shakespeare in Love and James Bond. Dame Judy is considered one of the greatest English actresses of all time. With Louis Theroux, she discusses her love of theatre, her (deceased) husband, her relationship with her grandchild and the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.


Louis Theroux toured with young rock musician Dominic Harrison (1997), i.e. Youngblood. His fans especially adore him for his honesty about his mental health (he has ADHD and is suicidal) and his sexuality (he’s fluid/pansexual). In addition to Yungblud, Louis also speaks to fans in Paris and the United States who follow him everywhere.

Did you know Youngblood’s Hope for the Underrated Youth was performed during the Love for Music special for Red Nose Day?

Bear Grylls

Television presenter, ex-soldier, mountaineer, adventurer and author Pierre Grylls (1974) receives Louis Theroux on his private island. In his survival shows on the Discovery Channel, he was filmed being dropped into a remote area with a pocket knife, flint and water bottles and demonstrating all sorts of survival techniques. Louis tries to figure out who is hiding behind Grylls’ tough exterior and talks to him about his experiences at an English boarding school and with self-help gurus.

Catherine Ryan

Canadian born actress and comedian Catherine Ryan (1983) won the Funny Woman Award in 2008 and her comedy shows have been broadcast by the BBC and streamed by Netflix. He is on the crew of TV shows such as Never Mind the Buscox and Have I Got News for You and has hosted Your Face or Mine, Hair and the Fix. Louis Theroux talks to Catherine about her life as a stay-at-home mom and her stand-up career.

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Rita Ora

Louis Theroux meets pop star Rita Ora (1990) at her father’s pub, where she talks about her family’s flight from Kosovo to England in 1990 and how she became a star. He also discusses his difficult relationship with the English tabloid press. Louis accompanies her to Los Angeles to shoot a music video and to Albania to perform in front of thousands of fans.

Photo: VPRO

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