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What is that?

Crash Bandicoot 4 It’s About Time is a wacky platform game in which you advance through colorful worlds and levels with only one goal in mind: to keep the bad guys away from their nefarious plans. During your adventure, you come into contact with many villains and sometimes even take on the role of a villain. Ultimately, this makes for a very diverse game in which you can gaze at the wide variety of obstacles, enemies and levels. Anytime you are still walking through prehistoric times, another moment you visit in the Ice Age or you can gently wave at cute pirate monkeys that want to kill you. It is represented many times.

In addition to the different times, this game also offers you different dimensions. Even one of the villains in the game comes from a dimension where you were wiped out long ago! In the meantime, you yourself are also playing with alternate realities by being able to comically test the powers of the new quantum masks. When you have one level of teleport objects back and forth between dimensions, you are hanging another level upside down because gravity becomes your new game. The arrival of these masks isn’t very nice in terms of storytelling (the bad guys want to rewrite history with this), but it’s also cool technically.

Is it something?

The game knows how to make a nice addition to anyone who has given the villain Neo Cortex a good beat with this new sauce. Although the game still faces quite a few teething issues since its past on PlayStation 1 (in a 3D game world like this one, estimating depth is still a bit tricky), it’s clear how this gameplay doesn’t have to feel outdated. Fashionable today. For example, this depth has been partially processed because the circle indicates where you will land on the ground. It doesn’t fix everything, but it makes everything a lot more user-friendly for people who are not at all used to playing these types of games.

And this little help is needed for both old and novice hands. The game is tough. too hot. As you progress, it shouldn’t be surprising if you hit one multiple times. For some, this means that this is not a game for you, and for others, this challenge will provide additional fun. You can get a diamond if you complete a level in less than three lives. Even if she just died four times. Collecting chests is also challenging. You often miss one. This game will consume a lot of your free time!

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Although you’ll often fall into the abyss, or ascend like an angel, all of these spices are actually served with a good dose of humor. There are different death animations for all the characters and they are designed for the different ways in which they can lose a life. In addition to the hilarious death animation, this is a game in which a lot of winks are distributed anyway. The humor comes out well in a simple but crazy fun story. The cut sights regularly provide a smile from ear to ear. If you want to joke, you are in the right place anyway!

This new spiritual successor to the Three Gems from the PlayStation 1 era, very close to what N. Sane Trilogy games have achieved in terms of level. It feels great to go through the levels and it is great to see that an old concept like platform game is clearly given a 2020 look. This way, you can start with the skins of your main characters and everything looks so colorful graphically that you can lick your fingers. There’s also a lot of fun in terms of the gameplay.

However, this game can seem like a repetitive exercise for people who have played the official games. Mandatory numbers return like running away from a killer dinosaur or driving on an animal again. Throughout the game, she regularly deals with villains, with one villain almost always a clone of the villain from previous games. And while it’s cool at first to throw things at the enemy in a guitar-like setting, it feels monotonous when every fight has this basis.

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Overloaded and accurate

+ Play as we are used to it

+ Very beautiful and colorful graphics

+ Robust and versatile design

+ Sense of humor and atmosphere

+ Packed with great content

– Hot, not available to everyone

– Master Battles disappointment

Some levels feel mandatory number

Depth estimation is still difficult


While the boss fights aren’t really looking forward to, the levels around them are. And there is much more than those few Angel that I defeated in a jiffy. In the end, it’s my pleasure to enjoy this beautiful game world and wander into the many alternate dimensions with different characters. After years of watching Crash Bandicoot games that weren’t very good in terms of standard, it’s comforting to see that so much of the passion has carried over to this fourth installment. Yes, it has flaws and it’s not perfect, but the game actually puts a smile on your face regularly. To Crash Bandicoot No. 5?

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