Review: Mandy, Indiana – I’ve Seen a Way (album)

No, unlike Paris, Texas, Mandy, Indiana is not a place that exists. Valentine Caulfield may sigh – and shout – in French, but the band hails from Manchester. All other expectations are allowed after the sweet opening tune Love Theme (4K VHS) Also at sea in a hurry: the following Next stage The extreme electric that puts die-hard runners like Factory Floor, Health, and Working Men Club firmly behind.

More Atari Teenage Riot from The Prodigy, so to speak. Not that this is music to dance to per se. It is possible, sometimes, but pumping with fists and at the risk of bystanders (especially one of them) is preferred Sour sausage if peach fluff; Works well for that). And just as often people are looking for very different things than dance beats. Something hardcore – industrial, for example (pink shears). or a cave system as it gets darker and darker (2 bars). Or an abstract soundscape with annoying background noise, those iron maiden he is called. Not to mention that last, wonderfully correctly titled rant piece Sensitivity training Owns. It’s all possible. As in reality, anything is possible in Mandy, Indiana, as long as it disrupts, itches, amazes, and gets attention. The latter in particular does this album excellently.

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