Review of Jeanne de Barry by Rick Schuttinga

Jeanne works her way to an increasingly higher status, until the moment she can call herself the courtesan of King Louis XV, which causes a major scandal in Versailles.

Jeanne de Barry is finished on September 8, 2023 Rated A 6.5 / 10.

Jeanne de Barry is a costume drama, nothing more and nothing less. Maïwenn, who wrote the story, directed it himself, and played the lead role, does little in the thriller.

If you’ve seen The Favorite (2018) — which is also a film about the working class rising to the top — the film works so well because it embraces and amplifies all the madness, of which Jeanne de Barry is very careful. There are many nice little jokes that poke fun at the court, ancient customs, and differences of status, but it’s not a big laugh.

“It’s just a great movie, and that’s absolutely fine.”

If you watch this movie with no expectations, you will not be disappointed. If costume drama is your thing, if you are a fan of royal houses or a historian by profession, then Jeanne de Barry will certainly appeal to you more than just a casual movie watcher who has nothing to do with the subject matter.

Maïwenn is in the lead role as Jeanne Vaubernier and there’s nothing to criticize her about, nor does the French-speaking Johnny Depp as King Louis XV, where she occasionally misses the famous actor’s face. The play between them and the chemistry is good, but it does not reach great levels. Jeanne du Barry is just a great movie, and that’s absolutely fine.

09-14-2023 in Dutch cinemas

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