RIVM report in time for debate on Tata, environment and health? boycott: “separate from each other”

Will RIVM’s new report on dust in IJmond, completed this week, arrive in time for the parliamentary debate on the environmental and health situation surrounding Tata Steel on January 26? This is still not confirmed. The county, which is deciding the publication date, says through a spokesperson that “the RIVM study delivery schedule is separate from that of the House of Representatives.”

The regional spokesperson confirmed this when asked if the RIVM report, in which Tata Steel will be mentioned either to the left or to the right, should not be published before a discussion about the company.

RIVM was supposed to send out the full report on the source of the fine and coarse dust in IJmond this week, but the county has yet to receive it, he said.

“We aim to make the report public to IJmond county and municipal councils as soon as possible. However, we are taking some time, as clients, to carefully craft our response to the report.”

The publication period is four weeks.

Thus, the province is within its rights. According to a RIVM spokesperson, all RIVM reporting clients have a “standard four-week publication period to study the report after the report is submitted to clients.”

So the county and municipalities can lift the publication from the committee’s discussion. But this is not necessary, assures a RIVM spokesperson: “If the clients themselves choose that we can release the report publicly earlier, that is of course possible. That’s how things went with the last report in September.”

interest result

In the latest report, RIVM investigated the formation of coarse dust in the area and mapped conclusion: The closer to Tata Steel, the more toxic substances are present.

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According to the report, PAHs and lead in particular were a cause for concern: They increase the risks of cancer and damage to brain development.

In other words: Whatever the new RIVM report will show, it may be valuable knowledge for MPs preparing to debate the panel, with Agenda item “Action Plan for the Environmental and Health Situation Surrounding Tata Steel”.

been seen

It now looks like deja vu from over six months ago. Then RIVM announced the completion of Transfer About coarse dust in IJmond from before summer until after. The report was finally sent to the county and municipalities of Egmond at the end of August.

Then local people’s organizations feared that they would take the full four weeks allowed and not release the report in time for the debate in the House of Representatives on the future of Tata Steel on 9 September. She finally showed up a week before the discussion.

Confidence in reports regarding Tata Steel has been taking a big hit recently, when it was in July It became known that GGD director Bert van de Velden had removed the Tata Steel name from the lung cancer report from service.

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