Macron wants to anger the unvaccinated

French President Macron has developed a strategy to “convince” the vulnerable: to make life miserable for them. He said this in an interview with Paris. His rivals in the presidential election are angry.

Get lostIt was the word Macron put in his mouth when he spoke during an interview with… ParisTalk about his unvaccinated countrymen. It means “disturb” or “disturb” and is the unofficial language of the president. .

I want to continue to annoy the unvaccinated. “It is a strategy to the end,” Macron said. The era of friendly questions is over, only a stern approach remains. “We will not arrest them, we will not stab them with force, so we have to explain the matter differently,” the French head of state said.

From January 15, France will switch to a 1G policy. This severely limits the social life of the unvaccinated. “Anyone who still wants to go to a restaurant, go to the cinema or have coffee somewhere, should be vaccinated,” Macron explains. With a negative test or a refund certificate, an unvaccinated person in France will not be able to get far.

No language for the head

The sensational interview led to the suspension of the vote on the stricter vaccination card in Parliament. The data also exacerbates the differences between the presidential candidates. France will elect a new president in April.

“Before we vote on a text, I’d like to know if it should be used to bully people,” said Communist Party presidential candidate Fabian Roussel. “This is not the language of a president,” said presidential candidate Marine Le Pen of the far-right National Rally party. I decided on Twitter that Macron was not suitable for the presidency due to the statements.

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