ROH Macbeth – Royal Opera House Live Cinema Seasion 2018/2019: Macbeth (2018) ǀ Bioscoopagenda

ROH Macbeth

Premiere in the Netherlands: 11-25-2020

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Macbeth is informed that he will become king, but the prediction also brings a lot of death to circles around him, mainly at the hands of his wife. Worried, he asks for a new prediction that will make him feel safe. But then his wife died.

An opera based on the work of William Shakespeare, with whom Giuseppe Verdi had a lifelong love affair. It began with Macbeth, a play that I consider to be one of the greatest creations of mankind in 1847.

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Anna Netrebko is a Russian Austrian opera soprano, who has appeared in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004) and La Bohème (2008).
Zeljko Lucic is well known from “La traviata” (2003) and has played the role of Macbeth since 2008.

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