Rolls-Royce wants to build a nuclear reactor on the moon

The British Space Agency owes Rolls-Royce more than 3.3 million euros today predicate To work on a “first demonstration” of a modular nuclear reactor.

the so-called small reactor It could eventually enable a “permanent human presence on the moon,” believes British Space Agency chief Paul Butt. Compared to other energy sources, a small, lightweight nuclear reactor, he says, offers the best solution for powering the lunar base, “regardless of location, available sunlight and other conditions.”

‘Also important to Earth’

“It may look like part of a James Bond movie, but it’s part of a very realistic project,” He writes Sky News. Rolls-Royce is collaborating on the project with several British universities. “Space exploration is the ultimate laboratory for many of the key technologies we need on Earth: from materials to robotics, nutrition, clean technology and much more,” British Foreign Secretary George Freeman said.

The Rolls-Royce name is known from cars, but the British multinational company also has a large branch focused on aviation and energy. The company is considered one of the leading manufacturers of aircraft engines. In the UK, the company also owns its own nuclear power plants.

Back to the moon

In a few years, people will have to go back again for the first time in over 50 years Step on the moon. The US space agency NASA said earlier this month that it is on track to launch a manned mission to the moon in November next year. If successful, a manned mission would follow that should actually land on the Moon. The last time astronauts walked there was in 1972.

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NASA thinks there Around 2030 Astronauts will live and work on the moon.

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