Romantic wedding by Nina Ricci designer Harris Reed

His simple wedding look consists of a white silk blouse with a low back and matching trousers. This is not what you might expect from the designer, given the exciting and dazzling designs he is known for. “When I was a kid, I always imagined one of those big dresses that went over the top,” he explains. “But the more I looked into it, the less I wanted it; I wanted it to be less about me trying to make some sort of distracting fashion statement, and more about me living in the moment. It felt really like myself, but also more like a nod to the 1920s. I tried to find a middle ground.” Happy between feminine and masculine.

On the same day, the couple walked to the altar at Sufjan Stevens’ home. The secret of love Subordinate Call me by your name –soundtrack, with only family and close friends around them (including Harris’ best man, fellow designer Chet Low). “It was emotional,” says the designer. “Walking together, side by side, was very special for both of us.”

A dream come true

After the party, Reed surprised his husband – who had… Double breasted Suit from Husbands Paris – with a white Rolls Royce. This brought them back to Claridge’s for a reception and champagne dinner. “It was all centered around the idea: This is the dream wedding that I, as a geeky boy, had been told I would never have,” says the designer.

Finally, after dinner, guests headed to the couple’s suite for an impromptu afterparty. “There was a lot of laughter. We danced the night away on the patio, drank martinis and played a lot of Frank Sinatra stuff. For Reed, who is now back in Nina Ricci’s studio, the day wasn’t complete yet. ‘It wasn’t real,’ he says. ‘It wasn’t real.’ It was one of those moments where you always feel like you’re watching a movie. “It was a day I never thought I would have.”

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© Jason Lloyd Evans

Getting ready in the suite at Claridge’s.

© Jason Lloyd Evans

© Jason Lloyd Evans

“Something Old”: Museum pieces on loan from De Beers Jewelers.

© Jason Lloyd Evans

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