Eating late? Research shows that these foods are not healthy, and that’s what they do to your body

A long work day means you’re at the table late, or maybe you have a Mediterranean mindset of eating late. Sometimes it happens that we eat very late, but this is not good for our body. New research has shown that eating late causes many disadvantages.

Does the time in which we eat matter, this is what researcher Nina Vujovic asked. It turns out that the answer is: “Yes.” Eating later in the day doubles your chance of feeling hungry. This seems logical, but it has an impact on a number of other things. Vujovich and her research team published the results in Scientific Journal of Cell Metabolism.

The researcher says: “We found that eating after four hours makes a big difference in our levels of hunger, in the way we burn calories after eating, and in the way we store fat.” American CNN. And also Previous research has shown Suggests a link between eating later and weight gain.

Research into the effect of eating time

A small group of participants was carefully screened for the study. To do this, scientists looked for links between food quantity, composition, and timing, physical activity, sleep, room temperature, and light exposure. Participants were healthy and given a sleep and feeding schedule for three weeks before the study.
The candidates were divided into two groups. One group ate their meals at 8 a.m., noon, and 4 p.m., and the other group did so four hours later. At 12 noon, 4 pm, and 8 pm. After a few weeks, participants switched their schedules.

Eating later increases hunger and burns calories more slowly

The results of the study showed that it doubled the hunger of those on a later schedule. People who ate later in the day also reported wanting to eat more starchy, salty and meaty foods, and wanting to eat less dairy and vegetables.
It was also found that levels of leptin, the hormone that tells us when we are full, decreased among people who ate later. In addition, this group had an increase in the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates appetite. Finally, participants who ate later in the day burned calories more slowly. Apparently, traditional Dutch meal times aren’t too bad at all.

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