Roros, Health and Wellness | Cancer compass is standard in Gujarat. Here people can talk about life after cancer treatment

Just under an hour on stage, Cancer Compass sees more people stopping to have a conversation.

The Kreftkompasset organization will be in Kjerkgata on Thursday, reporting the time after cancer treatment and distributing the book “Every Day Matters – Life After Cancer”.

Bystanders can come, talk and learn more about what it means to undergo cancer treatment.

And with them on stage is Arne Silenzio Krogstad, herself a cancer survivor.

“When you’re cured for cancer, it’s hard then because you’re broken and everything is a mess,” says Silenzio Krogstd.

He found help through the book The Cancer Compass and is now part of the organization’s mentorship programme. He says it’s good to get up and talk about your time after cancer.

It is forbidden for people who have contracted it themselves or have people they know or are close to. It is always good to meet like-minded people. He says I feel I can contribute something regarding issues and my way out after that.

Silenzio Krogstad also sided with Cancer in Tynset on Wednesday.

The Roros visit is part of the Cancer Compass book tour of southern Norway. The three-week tour began at Radiumshospitalet in Oslo and continued at Innlandet. Furthermore, they will do the Kreftkompasset to Trondheim before the tour reaches Sørlandet and finally Arendalsuka.

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