After his cabin was set on fire, he is 81 years old…

An 81-year-old New Hampshire man has lived in a cabin in the woods for nearly 30 years. lived there Out of network coverage. He grew his own vegetables, got water from a river and got electricity from solar panels. Now his cabin has been set on fire and he is facing prison for illegally living on the property all those years.

Photo: AP

David Lindstone, Friends’ “River Dave”, has lived for 27 years Merrimack River In a forest in New Hampshire. His house is similar to “koterij”, but he was self-sufficient. He had energy thanks to solar panels, he would sometimes cut down a tree to light the stove, get water from the river, and also take care of his chickens and other pets. Inside he had set up a small kitchen. Make a chair with empty beer cans. He converted an old stove into a beehive. Briefly: Outback dream.

Problem: The land in question is not his, and now the owner is suing him for staying there illegally all the time. In mid-July he was ordered to leave, he refused and was arrested. “You brought your guns and arrested me and I’m here now,” River Dave said in court. “I have taken all my possessions. Feel free to keep them. I am not going anywhere and will rot in my prison robe.” He suggested that they lead a peaceful and quiet life and not hurt anyone. The judge joined him. “I sympathize with your lifestyle,” he said. “But the law is not on your side.”

And as if that wasn’t enough, a cabin fire broke out on Wednesday. No one doubts that the fire is burning. But who is being investigated by the authorities. Meanwhile, the guy’s friends collect money to pay off the guy’s debts. “I was shocked,” said Judy Gideon, who has known Lidstone for 20 years. “He is a caring guy and just likes to live under the radar. He doesn’t hurt anyone, does he?”

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After his cabin catches fire, an eccentric 81-year-old suddenly ends up in prison.
Photo: AP

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