Rumor: AMD to Unveil FSR 2.0 on March 17th, RSR Coming Soon

Since last week, rumors have been circulating about FSR 2.0, a new upgrade technology from AMD. According to the developers of CapFrameX, this implementation will be announced soon, which has now also been confirmed by Videocardz.

For example, the site claims to have received the official AMD chipset, which shows that the manufacturer will unveil the successor to the FSR on Thursday, March 17th. FSR 2.0 is said to offer higher image quality than its predecessor, and in some cases it should look better compared to the original resolution. While technology seems to depend on time data and anti-aliasing optimization, no performance numbers are discussed.

AMD is expected to reveal more details during the GDC trade show on March 23.

In addition, FSR 2.0 will no longer need machine learning hardware, such as Nvidia’s Tensor cores. Although the company itself notes that FSR 2.0 is supported by many products and platforms from both AMD and competitors, it’s not clear how well the technology will work with Nvidia and Intel GPUs.

Alleged performance of FSR 2.0 at Deathloop.

In addition to announcing FSR 2.0, AMD is also rumored to make the previously announced Radeon Super Resolution available on March 17th. This driver-based version of FSR differs from the latter in two important ways: RSR is only compatible with RX 5000 video cards and newer, and the image quality is lower because the algorithm upgrades the entire frame – including static elements such as the interface or menus. On the other hand, RSR does not need to be implemented for each individual game, which means that almost all games should be compatible.

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