Twitter officially lets iOS users use NFT as their profile picture

At the moment, the function can only be used in the iOS app, He writes blue twitter. You must register via the Twitter Labs test environment.

You can add a non-fungible (NFT) token as a profile picture in the same way as a regular profile picture. You will now also find a “Choose NFT” option there.

Via crypto wallet

Next, you need to add a crypto wallet (wallet). If you also have NFT in that wallet, it will appear as an option. The NFT is placed as a hex image in place of your profile picture.

By clicking on the image, you will see information about the creator and owner of the token. Other information about the token, such as the description, can also be displayed.

digital title deed

NFT is a type of digital proof of ownership associated with a photo or other digital object. Twitter already promised in September to enable the use of your NFT as an officially approved profile picture.

NFT fans have been using the accompanying photo to prove their NFT as a profile picture for some time now. However, it was not possible to validate it, because the actual NFT was not related to it.

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