Rumor: The Pixel Tablet is getting a privacy button

Google will put a so-called privacy button on the Pixel Tablet. This is evident from the images of the Android tablet that have just surfaced.

The Pixel Tablet gets a privacy button

Well-known rumor spreader Snoopy Tech has it on Twitter Share two photos of the front and back of the Pixel Tablet. Snoopy Tech took a photo of the wallpaper himself. In the last image, we see a button that is not visible in the images shared by Google itself.

Since the tablet has a dual function, as a tablet and a smart display, it works accordingly 9to5Google To the privacy switch that enables or disables the microphone and/or camera on the device. The Home Hub and Nest Hub 2 both have a switch on the device that physically turns off the microphones. If this is in fact a privacy button, it’s a last-minute design change. Or Google Photos wasn’t quite up to date.

Pixel Tablet launch

Fortunately, we don’t have to wait long to answer the question of whether the Pixel Tablet will get this privacy button. It looks like the Google Pixel tablet will be announced within now, a month later. We expect the Google Pixel tablet to officially see the light of day on May 3 at Google I / O. It is possible that Google will announce the tablet along with Google Pixel 7a and Android 14. It is not yet known if the tablet will also come to The Netherlands and/or Belgium.

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