Russia annexed four Ukrainian regions, President Putin: “Four new regions with millions of people will be added to Russia”

“Today, four new regions with millions of people will be added to Russia,” Putin said in a speech before the signing. The president said these people are our forever citizens. In his speech, he once again criticized Ukraine, accusing it of terrorism against “Russian heroes” and hatred of the Russian people in eastern Ukraine.

But most of the speech was about the West, who took full charge again. According to Putin, it is clear that the “imperialist” West wants to destroy Russia and make it a “colony”. “But they cannot do it with impunity,” he said. He also accused the West of hypocrisy. “They want to bring freedom to different countries, but they impose their own unipolar view of the world on those countries.” According to Putin, the West has no moral right to talk about democracy. It’s a message Putin has repeatedly delivered.

In his speech, Putin called Ukraine for an immediate ceasefire, but stressed that Russia would not return the newly acquired territory. He also reiterated that Russia will defend those regions “by all available means.”

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