Russian gas continues to flow to Europe | cash

Thus, deliveries remain close to contractual ceilings of 109 million cubic metres. The high level can be partially explained by the lower temperatures in Europe. As a result, the demand for gas is higher.

Last week, there was also a great deal of uncertainty about gas supplies due to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s order to pay Russian gas in rubles from April. However, Europe refused. He later concluded from a decree that a construction was being created that would allow foreign parties to continue paying in euros via a detour.

Despite calls in Europe for new sanctions against Russia over the atrocities committed by Russian forces in the Ukrainian town of Butea, gas still appears to be exempt from those sanctions. Russia is Europe’s main supplier of natural gas, and many countries fear their energy supplies will be in jeopardy if they stop buying Russian gas.

Christian Swing, chief executive of the German Banking Association (BdB), said today the call to understand the gas ban from an emotional point of view, but cautioned that if it came to this “it is very likely that the German economy and perhaps the European economy will plunge into a recession with consequences that may continue.” For a long time “.

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