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MusicSam Ryder (32) can write a special post to his name. The English singer entered second place in the British singles list with his hit ‘Space Man’, which took him second place in the Eurovision Song Contest last Saturday. Ryder has scored the highest Eurovision victory score from the United Kingdom in 26 years.

The compiler’s official charts show that the last Eurovision song to reach the British charts was in 1996. That’s Gina Ji, ‘Oh ah … Just a little bit’. The singer’s eighth-ranked song during the song contest peaked at number one on the Single Top 100. Only eleven songs have made it to the top 3 since the United Kingdom first participated in the song competition in 1957.

In other countries, the rider ranks lower. The song is not on the UltraTop table with us. He has the highest rankings in Ireland (22), Iceland (25), Lithuania (13) and Sweden (15).

The singer is thankful for the success he has achieved in the rankings and during the Eurovision song contest, he says in one comment. Ryder topped the British rankings for Harry Style. “Harry refers to what Eurovision means: freedom of expression and content. A celebration of music, fun and unity.”

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