Samsung Galaxy A53, Z Fold / Flip 3 and 4

In the “Samsung June Update” bingo list we note: Galaxy A53, Galaxy Z Flip, Fold 4, Z Flip, and Fold 3. The update actually does exactly the same thing on all devices — and that’s not just installing the June patch.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy A53: Both are now getting the June 2023 patch

Galaxy A53 June 2023 update

Let’s first highlight the most used device: the Samsung Galaxy A53. This was the first A-series phone to receive updates for five years — but it’s not the first phone to be updated monthly. Years ago, Samsung released the latest patches for its most popular A-series phones every month, after all.

For the Galaxy A53, the over 420MB update for firmware version A536BXXU6CWE9 is ready today. The update installs the June patch first, of course. It contains 50 security fixes for Android itself – and 11 improvements for Samsung’s own software. Two of them are close to Knox system leaks, and one eliminates an Exynos processor security vulnerability that can also be found in the Galaxy A53, among others.

We also see the pointDevice behavior has been improvedThis will be on the changelog for a slew of Samsung phones in June, but we won’t know the exact details. We’ll just say it needed to implement some improvements, and possibly some bug fixes.


You can now perform the new update directly on the Unbranded Galaxy A53 in the Netherlands, Belgium and the rest of Europe. only with one branded A device from Vodafone or T-Mobile You may have to be patient.

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You will automatically receive a notification when the update is ready for your phone. Of course you can also check availability manually: Settings -> Software update -> Download and install.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 and 4 and Z Flip 3 and 4 are updated in June 2023

Exactly the same is also true of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4, and their predecessors, the Fold and Flip 3. The fourth-generation foldable devices will receive firmware versions F936BXXU3CWE6 (Fold 4) and F721BXXU3CWE6 (Flip 4). The same third-generation foldable phones will also receive updates to firmware version F926BXXU4EWF1 (Fold 3) and F711BXXU5EWF1 (Flip 3).

Again, we see the same content: June patch installed, phone behavior improved – including the same lack of detailed explanation.


The new update is now available to everyone Unbranded Fold 3, Fold 4, Flip 3 and Flip 4 models in Europe. In the event that you have a file branded Copy, you may not receive the same update until later. But: you will get it.

Have you installed one of the above updates, and are you still experiencing visible or otherwise noticeable changes? Let us know below!

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