Here’s what we can expect from Google’s October 6th event

Next Thursday, on October 6, a major Google event will be held. The Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, and Pixel Watch will be revealed there, which is why we’ve listed the predictions.

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Predictions Made by Google 2022

As in previous years, this version of the “Made by Google” event will be held in October. on me Thursday October 6 at 4 pm The 2022 event kicks off and everyone can follow the presentation via live broadcast. We’re expecting new smartphones, a smartwatch, and maybe more. Let’s start soon!

1. Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro

The Google Pixel 7 And the Pixel 7 Pro They are the biggest stars of the event. Google has already shown smartphones widely and doesn’t make much effort to keep them secret, so we know a lot a secret. And the amount of leaks leaves little to the imagination. For example, devices receive the latest generation of Tensor chips, which are slightly faster and more advanced.

However, the Pixel 7 (Pro) doesn’t seem to be much more powerful than Pixel 6 And the Pixel 6 Pro since last year. Benchmarks show the chip is about 10 percent faster; Probably not enough to notice much difference in daily use. When playing games, the Pixel 7 takes a bigger step forward.

Moreover, the new phones will have a slightly modified design, but will have the same screens as their predecessors. Pixel 7 smartphones work Android 13, the latest version of the operating system and get all Android updates instantly. We expect Google to finally release the devices officially in the NetherlandsGT. Prices will remain the same: €649 for the Pixel 7 and €899 for the Pixel 7 Pro.

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Regarding the camera, we can expect the necessary improvements. For example, the Pixel 7 can zoom in/out digitally using the Super Res Zoom function. It should also ensure that the enlarged images do not become blurry instantly. Pixel 7 Pro will have a better telephoto camera with up to 5x optical zoom. Quality is not lost at all.

Additionally, a macro mode has been added (finally) in the form of “Macro Focus”. This allows the Pixel 7 (Pro) to take sharp close-up photos, a feature we see on many Android phones. By the way, the new Pixels don’t have a (useless) macro camera, but use the wide-angle lens or telephoto camera to take macro shots.

2. Google Pixel Watch

For years, there have been rumors about the Google smartwatch and now it’s finally time. During the Made by Google 2022 event, a file google pixel watch officially revealed. The smartwatch will have a distinctive design, with a circular OLED display, a physical “crown wheel” on the side and of course all kinds of manual dials.

Pixel Watch, of course, works closely with Google Assistant, so that you can easily search for information via the watch. Inside, the smartwatch will be less impressive: there is talk of an older chip, not a lot of RAM and 32 GB of storage. The battery is said to last up to 24 hours, which isn’t impressive either. By the way, most Android smartwatches don’t last much longer.

google pixel watch

With the Pixel Watch, users can check notifications, measure their heart rate, check their daily activity, and make phone calls. Thanks to the NFC chip, it will soon be possible to make payments with the Pixel Watch. It also appears that smart home devices can be controlled by the watch.

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It is still not clear if the Google Pixel Watch will be released in the Netherlands. It looks like this, since Google It has already given many indications that new products appear. However, it may also be that the search giant only releases Pixel phones in the Netherlands, but not the Pixel Watch. The Google smartwatch is expected to cost around 350$/€.

3. Chromecast HD has already been launched with Google TV

Then an announcement that we already expected at a Google event, but we won’t see anymore. The new and cheaper Chromecast was recently announced via a press release and has already been released in the Netherlands. The device is called Chromecast with Google TV (HD) And it’s a few dollars cheaper than your current HDMI dongle. You will pay €39.99 instead of €69.

chromecast with google tv hd

Since Chromecast HD is cheaper, it can stream at maximum quality in Full HD. The other model can also play movies and series in 4K quality, which definitely looks sharper on larger TVs. This makes the new Chromecast particularly suitable for older TVs. The Chromecast HD is a little slower on paper, but it does run the latest version of Google TV.

Speaking of Google TV: You’re operating this interface with the supplied remote control, which has remained the same. In addition to the usual “control buttons”, there are also buttons to start the YouTube and Netflix app. Of course you can also download apps from all your streaming services, install them and then use them on your TV.

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Chromecast with Google TV (HD) review: How do you like the new Chromecast?

4. New Nest Devices (and More)

There are also rumors of a number of other devices. For example, Google is said to be working on a so-called “Nest Wifi Pro”, an all-in-one router. The company may also come up with a new smart doorbell from Nest, although not much is known about this.

Finally, Google may reveal more about the Pixel Tablet, which was first shown a few months ago. this device Not released until next year. The search giant will also be busy behind the scenes with the Pixel foldable phone (Pixel Fold); Nothing is officially known about this yet.

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