Samsung Galaxy S21 does not support seamless updates

The Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra don’t (still) support the seamless updates that have been in Android since 2016. This means that software updates aren’t installed in the background.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 doesn’t have smooth updates

Since Android 7.0 (Nougat), there is a function in the mobile operating system to install software updates smoothly. This means that updates will be downloaded and installed in the background, and you can continue to use your Android phone during this process. Once you have installed the software update, all you need to do is restart your device to start using the new software.

Funny that this feature is not present in the brand new one Samsung Galaxy S21And the S21 more at S21 Ultra. If you receive an update on these smartphones then you will see an update screen during installation and you cannot do anything with the device for a while. This is a shame, as this means that you are unavailable for a while and cannot reply to messages, for example.

Several manufacturers, such as OnePlus, Motorola and Google itself, have added the functionality of seamless update to smartphones. The feature will be mandatory first for phones out of the box Android 11 But that commitment has since been undone by Google. It is not clear when Samsung will add the practical option to its smartphones.

More on Samsung Galaxy S21 phones

The Samsung Galaxy S21 devices were recently announced and are officially available in the Netherlands from January 29. With suggested retail prices of 849, 1049 and 1249 euros, it is cheaper than its predecessors, and S20And the S20 Plus at S20 Ultra. Phones feature a new design, faster devices, and improved cameras.

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