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At the beginning of this year, it’s finally time: the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series. A series where innovation, fast performance and elegant design are emphasized. Do you want to know what are the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S22 or are you interested in the difference with the Samsung Galaxy S21? We have included everything for you.

Samsung Galaxy S22

As every new smartphone seems to grow, Samsung is taking a different path with the Samsung Galaxy S22. The basic form of Samsung Galaxy S22 It is seen as Samsung’s smallest flagship phone and hence the smallest smartphone in the series at 6.1 inches. Do you prefer a slightly larger phone? The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus measures 6.6 inches and the Samsung S22 Ultra 6.8 inches. The smartphone may be compact, but the performance certainly isn’t. Each smartphone in this series is equipped with different cameras that allow you to be creative. Thanks to the night photography with the wide camera, you can take beautiful and sharp photos especially during the day and at night. Do you prefer photographing small details or want to zoom in? Get a beautiful close-up with detail thanks to Space Zoom.

Do you use your phone to play or stream your favorite movies and series? Then you don’t have to get bored with the Samsung Galaxy S22. The device has a 6.1-inch FHD+ display and thanks to the 120Hz dynamic refresh rate, stuttering images while gaming are now a thing of the past. Watching a movie or series? With 1000 nits, the Dynamic AMOLED 2X display ensures a clear and sharp image, even when the sun is shining. Built-in Eye Comfort Shield technology reduces blue light, making your eyes less tired.

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Comparison between Samsung Galaxy S21 and Samsung Galaxy S22

At first glance, the Samsung Galaxy S21 and the Samsung Galaxy S22 look pretty much the same. If you look closely, you will see that the Galaxy S22 is slightly smaller and has a smaller screen. There are also some differences to discover in Plus and Ultra. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra are made entirely of glass and aluminum and feel higher quality than the standard Galaxy S21. S22, in turn, is slightly lighter than its predecessor. 167 grams versus 171 grams. The colors are also different. The S22 is available in green, black, white and pink while the S21 is available in grey, purple, white and gray.

While the Galaxy S21’s camera options were really great, Samsung was able to transcend those capabilities with the new Samsung. A number of great functions have been added to the Galaxy S22. Think Night Photography and AI Image Enchancer. Remarkably, the S21 has a better telephoto lens than the S22 in terms of specs. It is 64 mega pixel with 3x optical zoom. In comparison: With the S22 this is 10MP with 3x optical zoom. With a wide-angle camera, it’s the other way around. The S22 has a 50MP wide angle camera and the S21 has only 12MP. On paper, the S21’s battery is also slightly better than that of the Galaxy S22. However, the Galaxy S22’s battery life is a lot better. This is because it is more energy efficient.

If you are looking for a phone with a small size, fast processor and smart battery life, then the Galaxy S22 is the phone for you!

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