Samsung itself leaked the Galaxy A52 and A72 early on on its website

It remains to be seen the launch of the mid-range Galaxy A52 and A72 phones, but Samsung has already put support pages for devices online. We also see pictures of phones.

Samsung Galaxy A52 on the A72

Samsung has already leaked its upcoming phones. The support pages can be seen on the Samsung website in the United Arab Emirates, which was found Galaxy Club. You can check out the Galaxy A52 page Here See and Here It is the Galaxy A72 page.

Sure, a page like this is not intended to be online prior to its launch, but it does happen every now and then. The specification link on the site is not working at the moment, but we are already seeing product offerings for phones in high definition.

Introducing the Galaxy A52

Expected specifications

Moreover, much is already known about its properties Galaxy A72 at A52. The A52 comes in 4G and 5G versions. Both devices have a 6.5-inch AMOLED display, but the 5G variant gets a refresh rate of 120Hz, compared to the 90Hz with the regular A52. This is because the 5G variant is more powerful Snapdragon 750g And the regular A52 comes with Snapdragon 720G. Phones waterproof And get Monthly security updates. you read Here All about the specifications.

Samsung itself leaked the Galaxy A52 and A72 early on on its website

Introducing the Galaxy A72

Galaxy A72 shows a larger 6.7-inch AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 90Hz. Just like the A51, it will get a Snapdragon 720G and there will be no 5G version yet. The phone has a camera consisting of four sensors, including a 64MP main camera and a contact camera. Found Here All phone specifications and offers. It is not yet known when the devices will be launched, but the moment seems to be near.

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Samsung Galaxy A52

Samsung Galaxy A72

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