Lufthansa wants to use British advancement in vaccines

Lufthansa, a German airline, wants to take advantage of British plans to break free. Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings launches first-ever flights between United Kingdom and Spanish holiday island of Mallorca This happens when the progress of vaccines in Germany stumbles.

The airline said the Eurowings will initially fly holiday makers from Birmingham and Manchester to the Spanish island twice a week from the end of May. This is the first time Eurowings has flown to the United Kingdom from its base in Mallorca. Further expansion will be explored in the coming weeks.

The UK seems to have been locked out of countries earlier than Germany because of the rapid withdrawal of vaccines. Britain provided about 33 vaccines per 100 people, compared to only 8 per 100 in Germany.

According to the airline, there is a huge demand for flights to Mallorca. Eurowings says British bookings for holiday destinations in southern Europe have increased by 600 per cent since Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the end of the lockout.

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