Samsung Podcasts is the new extension for your smartphone

Samsung is responding to the trend about podcasts and is now introducing an extension of an existing app for your smartphone.

There are many applications you can use to listen to podcasts. Smartphone manufacturers also have their own apps, as Apple has done for years, for example. Also Samsung Now it comes with its free podcast app. In addition to listening to podcasts, you can also watch TV shows, read news articles, and find movies. So it is more than an extension of an existing app.

It’s a combination of apps in one entertainment app. This is the Samsung Free app and a Podcast section has now been added. Samsung Free can be used at Galaxy S21, S20, Note 20The S10 and Note 10. You need to log in with your Samsung account to access the available content. If you have an old Samsung phone, you may not be able to use Free. Koreans have partnered with a podcast supplier to offer thousands of podcasts. This way there is always something to listen to.

Samsung Free is also available gradually here in the Netherlands. It replaces the previously applied daily screen.

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