Delta Force is back at Gamescom – and that’s Gaming

After several years of absence, Delta Force returns in a new game for PC, consoles and mobile phones. Developed by TiMi Studio Group, the team behind Call of Duty Mobile, this new version of Delta Force is briefly seen in a trailer. It has been confirmed that more details will be revealed during the opening of Gamescom Night Live.

Like the original, Delta Force will feature both a single-player and massively multiplayer campaign. For the campaign, producer Shadow Guo explained to IGN that it was inspired by the movie Black Hawk Down, and that the development team “did extensive research on the film and delved respectfully into its historical context”.

In terms of tone, Guo strives to maintain the “authenticity” of the original Delta Force while updating it with “near-future flavor”. This is achieved by using character actors and real-world imagery to create a 3D world and capturing the movements of military professionals using motion capture technology to give the game an authentic feel. Special Forces personnel were also consulted to add another layer of credibility to the project.

Multiplayer conflicts will break out on land, sea and air. Guo added that attack vehicles, helicopters, armored vehicles, assault ships, off-road vehicles, jeeps, pickup trucks, combat aircraft and drones can be deployed in these online confrontations.

The first Delta Force game was released in 1998 and was noted for its challenging gameplay, ambitious multiplayer, and hybrid graphics of polygons and voxels. Delta Force 2 followed in 1999 and Delta Force: Land Warrior in 2000. The latter received a standalone expansion based on the 2001 US invasion of Afghanistan called Task Force Dagger in 2002. The series will continue with more games like Urban Warfare and Black Hawk Down, based on the Ridley Scott movie of the same name. Finally, the series concluded with Delta: Force Xtreme and Xtreme 2 in 2005.

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Delta Force: Angel Falls was supposed to revive the series in 2016, but it fizzled out after publisher NovaLogic closed its doors that same year.

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