Mette-Marit gives rare interview about health, family and ‘annoying journalists’

Tomorrow is today: then the Norwegian crown prince Mette Marit fifty years. Especially for this occasion, His Highness gave an extensive interview to the magazine D 2. Well, if you do such an in-depth interview, you can also take some beautiful atmospheric photos.


Just like Baal, the crown prince Hakon Earlier this year, Meet Now also gave a special interview for her 50th birthday. The Norwegian lady (especially for the royal family) isn’t often in the spotlight due to her health issues, so the conversation offers a unique insight into the life of the heir apparent.


For example, various parts of the interview circulate on social media, where the princess talks about her health. In 2018, she announced that she was suffering from pulmonary fibrosis. “I knew it would have such an impact on my day-to-day work that I had to tell them,” said Mitty.

“Working with a chronic illness is an exercise in acceptance,” the princess shares, before mentioning that she gets to know herself better thanks to her disability. And what did she learn in particular about herself? “I am incredibly impatient,” shares Mitty. Ha! Sober as ever, this is dead.

popular pressure

Chronic illness naturally throws a wrench into the works here and there. For example, the Crown Princess can’t do as much as she wants to, and there are rare moments when she has to cancel royal duties when things aren’t going well. Fortunately, she is now used to the stress of living in the spotlight.

She stated that she had great respect for journalists and the media, but: “Of course I sometimes get annoyed with journalists looking for something.” For example, Maitie reveals that she had a lot of trouble with media attention, especially in her early days as a princess. “I think now, 22 years later, I’ve become quite accustomed to life as a public figure.”


So it was very difficult, that being brought to court as a single mother with a “wild” past. But since then, Mette has grown a lot as a person. She says, “I’m 50 now, and I was 25 when I met Hakone. It feels like a lifetime ago. I can hardly remember how it turned out. I’m now in a completely different place in life.”

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The magazine also asks Her Highness what her life would be like if she had never met Hakone. “Yeah, I thought of that,” the princess begins. “I had no idea what I was doing… I think it’s really good that I met Hakone.” Ooooh!

Source: Twitter @ChristinsQueens | Photo: NL Image

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