Bars are still hoping for an exception to open early and serve alcohol during the Women’s World Cup final

England, European champions, reached the World Cup final for the first time in history. Since Australian Sydney is the site of the final, it will only be 11 am in the UK due to the time difference when the match starts.

The British Beer and Pub Association proposes to allow an extraordinary opening of 10am, but Parliament’s approval is required. However, MPs are not currently in office due to the summer recess and requests for an emergency appeal to Westminster have been ignored.

Each pub could apply for its own permit, but this had to be done five days in advance. It’s already too late for that. Michael Gove, Minister for Equal Opportunities, has written to local councils calling for public applications to be expedited.

The Ministry of Interior has also sent a letter to police chiefs encouraging them to work with municipalities to ensure that as many cases as possible are opened.

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant called on police in his constituency to “turn a blind eye” if a pub opened early on Sunday.

In Cornwall, the council and the police have already announced that they will not take any coercive action in the event of an early opening during the final. The British Pub and Beer Association is asking other regions to follow suit.

Watch what you want, where and when you want.

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