Scarlet Nexus preview – uprooting plants in future Japan

New Himoka, a vibrant and futuristic city

Scarlet Nexus is located in and around New Himuka, a vibrant, futuristic Japanese city with lots of color, holograms, robots, and more. Everything seems to be running smoothly, but the city is under attack from “others,” a strange race of human / plant / machine mix. The Repression Force, OSF, was created as a defense against these others.

In the game, you can choose between the female, the red-eyed, Kasane Randall, or the male Yuito Sumeragi, both of whom are members of OSF. kasane is a new recruiter to OSF, while Yuito comes from a high-profile family. What was amazing during our role was that they both have slightly different style of play. Both have melee attack weapons, but also psychomotor, which allows them to attack at longer distances.

During the introduction assignment, this was explained very well. This interaction between physical weapons and mental powers ensures great, fast and dynamic gameplay. Through physical attacks, you recharge your psyche, after which you can lift and throw objects at your enemies. But it doesn’t stop there, team members are quickly introduced, and each has their own strengths. From that point on, the gameplay gets more interesting, because you can “borrow” the powers of your teammates. For example, if you have a team member with access to Pyrokinesis, your enemies might deal fire damage, which greatly affects plants.

But others sure not only leave that in their way, but they also have different weapons and defenses. For example, another type can block your vision through clouds of smoke, but if your team member has Clairvoyance, you can look at it again as a kind of night vision goggle. This creates an interesting cat and mouse game where you always have to switch between your own weapons and the weapons of your team members.

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Fast action, development time

Between the different missions, you will regularly have time to discover the new Himuka or spend time with members of your team. The latter is important because you do this, in the best tradition, for example PersonIn these team members, it can strengthen the bond between you. The stronger the bond, the higher the odds you get in the mission. Relational bonding can be strengthened by engaging in a conversation with them or by performing special tasks. For example, it turns out that a team member lost a sentimental pen on the last assignment. By searching for them you deepen your relationship with him.

Relationship with your team members is not the only way to develop your team, your personality is also developed through something called Brain map. This is actually you Skill tree, With which you can develop your own personality improvement (Stronger attacks, tit psi strength, revive abilities), Expanded (Higher jumps, stronger combos, new attack patterns such as slam attack) and the support (More openings for your gear, more supports, and jumps in the air).

Additionally, the gameplay in Yuito and Kasane varies greatly. Kasane relies largely on her kinetic strength and supports this with attacks at close distances with a barrage of knives, Yuito mainly uses his sword and uses his kinetic strength as an extra. Yuito will mainly stay near the enemies, while Kasane will mainly use her destructive powers from a greater distance.

Scarlet Nexus Review – More Tastes!

After our short playing time with both Yuito and Kasane, our interest in Scarlet Nexus increased. Both characters have their own story and gameplay, but they are connected. The action and combat are fast-paced, interspersed with quiet story sections, all presented in the anime / manga style that emanates from the screen that makes us hungry for more.

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Thankfully we don’t have to wait long, Scarlet Nexus will be released June 25 on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. We say: Bring it on, we love others Raw!

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