School year 23-24 welcomes “PlanetSea”: integrating the ocean into lessons!

Get ready, because the 23-24 school year holds something refreshing for our youth and their learning environment. The PlanetSea initiative aims to bring all aspects of marine research into the classroom. It is a golden opportunity for teachers to incorporate the fascinating world of ocean into their curriculum and make their students truly educated about the oceans.

why now? Well, the timing is almost magical. We are in the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. This UN initiative emphasizes the crucial role of oceans and marine science in achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The EU Oceans and Waters Mission mainly focuses on decarbonisation, pollution and biodiversity.

As if that were not enough, Belgium will assume a leadership role in 2024 with the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. This once again reinforces the importance of the ocean as an ideal educational context, especially in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals.

And yes, there is also a competitive element. While PlanetZee takes care of the educational part, schools are expected to roll up their sleeves. They receive a kit to create an escape room at school. the trick? The more students understand climate issues, the faster they can escape the room! After this exciting introduction, each chapter chooses a topic: decarbonisation, pollution or biodiversity. Explanation? This is up to the students’ creativity. Whether it’s an innovative experience, a game, a technology prototype, a work of art or even a school festival – the choice is huge!

“But what good is that to us?” I hear you thinking. In addition to the benefit of a community having a greater understanding of ocean issues, there is an additional incentive for the top three entries. In March, they are rewarded with a day dedicated to the sea. If the weather is right on board the research vessel Simon Stevin, otherwise an adventure awaits them in the VLIZ laboratories, complete with a practice-oriented workshop.

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The PlanetSea initiative is more than just an educational program; It is an opportunity for young people to truly connect with the world around them and address today’s pressing issues. what do you think? Could this be the spark our youth need? Leave your comment and don’t forget to sign up for a free subscription via the “My Newspaper” button!

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