YouTube Shorts: The new channel for your video ads

What are short YouTube videos?

YouTube Shorts are short vertical videos (60 seconds or less) that compete with the already popular TikTok and Instagram clips. It provides content creators with the opportunity to share creative and engaging videos with a wide audience. These videos appear in a special feed within the YouTube app and usually feature music and effects. Short films can also be watched on TV. Currently, ads only appear on mobile devices.

The power of advertising on YouTube Shorts

With the advent of YouTube Shorts, advertisers have an additional opportunity to promote their brand and reach a wide audience. The main advantage of YouTube short clips is their enormous reach: YouTube has approximately 3.5 million Dutch users daily (and more than 2 billion monthly registered users worldwide).

In addition, it offers great creative opportunities, but also challenges. As an advertiser, you can respond to trends to better fit content or use effects available for short films. Our advice is to use different content for YouTube Shorts than, for example, regular YouTube campaigns or TV ad subtitles. This advice applies to all different types of media.

How to advertise on YouTube shorts

Ads within YouTube Shorts are displayed between organic content. It can be wiped off immediately, making it less annoying. Although the obvious tip is to advertise with vertical videos, it is also possible to use images. Ads can range from 6 to 20 seconds in length.

With live streaming and feed options, Shorts offers the opportunity to create additional moments of interaction with the user within the platform itself. The ideal solution is to do this with custom content that fits seamlessly with organic content.

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Currently, ads can only be purchased through Google Ads. Additionally, as a brand, you must obtain permission to advertise on Shorts, which is done through the permission list process.


YouTube Shorts offer a great new way for advertisers to promote their brand and connect with a wide audience in a different way. Because the format of content is different (and therefore user-inserted content as well), our advice is to look at YouTube Shorts as a different use than regular YouTube campaigns and see them as an additional moment of connection with the consumer.


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