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Can a woman deal with pain better than a man? Why is milk white? How are 3D images of our bodies made? Can trees drink too much? Can a computer calculate better than our brains? Do you want to measure brain activity yourself, make a plane, or draw a comic strip?

All this is possible on Science Day, the largest science event in Flanders and Brussels. Many knowledge institutions, companies, observatories, activity centers, museums and laboratories open their doors. In addition to the many offline activities, there is also an online presentation for those who want to try science at home. In short, there is something for everyone!

More than 140 activities for UGent

On Science Day, you can discover how scientific research and technological innovations have found their place in every aspect of our daily lives, and how they are important assets for our future. Ghent University in Ghent and Kortrijk is involved in more than one hundred and forty activities. There are great demonstrations, interactive workshops, fun tours and walks, great lectures and films, and exhibitions in almost all fields of science.

For young and old

Curious kids are the scientists of tomorrow. So they are very welcome on Science Day! There are many wonderful things Workshops for children at the Science Festival. But there’s also plenty to do for kids at iGent, UZ Gent, UGent Campus Kortrijk and the Armand Pien General Observatory.

New this year is the program specifically for over 65 secondsProvided by the Interdisciplinary Research Consortium ashenincluding an informative walk, a lecture on the importance of exercise for your brain, and a workshop to test your cycling skills.

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  • Flag Day will take place on Sunday, November 28, 2021. There are both online and online activities.
  • An overview of all activities in Flanders can be found on the website
  • Almost all activities are free. For some activities, you need to make a reservation. This is always clearly indicated.

Discover all the activities of Ghent University on Science Day

Find your favorite science day activity

More about the activities of the University of Ghent

Ghent Science Festival

How does a plane stay in the air? Is forward always the shortest way? What exactly is dyslexia? How safe is my cycling route? What are the underwater creatures that swim in the pond? You will find out all this at the Science Festival in De Krook and UFO organized by the University of Ghent with other higher education institutions in Ghent.

UZ Gent

What is a biobank? How do our genes determine our appearance? How are 3D images of the human body made? Would you like to try for yourself how to measure electrical activity in the brain, or how you can keep your balance in virtual reality? Everything is possible in UZ Gent! Podcasts created by UZ Gent last year can also be listened to again.

Volkssterrenwacht Armand Bean

Visit the General Observatory of Ghent, including a beautiful telescope from 1880, weather station, and a unique view of Ghent from the rooftop terrace! You can also take a tour of the eventful history of astronomy and attend a lecture on the origin of galaxies.

Ghent University Kortrijk . Campus

Did you know that you can make food coloring from everyday fruit and vegetable waste? Do you want to know how clothes can be recycled? Or how do you measure water quality with your smartphone? Discover it at UGent Campus Kortrijk, design a witty Christmas card and take a selfie with photo booth!

UGent Human Rights Research Network

The Human Rights Center will be there this year with three activities: a lecture on poets who fought for workers’ rights with their lyric poems, a workshop on how art can make the experiences of victims in Syria visible, and a workshop on how it can be humane. Rights are examined within literary studies.

iGent, at Tech Lane Ghent Science Park (Zwijnaarde)

Do you want to mess around with solder paste and soldering furnace? And that can! Make your own LED dice… and take this fun tool home with you! This year, you can also enjoy watching UGent Racing live on iGent.

i-Brain, a festival about the brain

The theme for this year’s i-Brain is ‘Brain and Nutrition’. Held at Zebrastraat, the festival consists of a mixture of science presentations, workshops, talks, demonstrations and much more. You can also attend a live dissection of the brain. i-Brain is organized by Breinwijzer vzw, but includes many UGent students in its programming.

Chemistry throws open doors

Come see the demonstrations of chemical processes and methods… and who knows, you can even help! Enthusiasts can sample the ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. There is also a real chemistry quiz in which you can win great prizes.


The flag from your couch? This is also possible! Learn in short videos why milk is white, how we can detect dementia early, and why microbes live in our gut. Escape the Dyscape room, relive the Robocup Junior, or measure your brain against the computer brain.


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