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Suffering from that eternal nose in the fall? Then you might benefit from a glass of red wine: Several studies claim that the substance in red wine helps prevent colds. If that’s not good news.

It’s time to unscrew that bottle.

This substance in red wine can make colds less bad

Red wine, if you ask many researchers, is beneficial for lowering cholesterol, fighting Alzheimer’s disease, and slowing down the aging processes. This all sounds too good to be true – and according to others it is. The benefits of a glass of red wine, if you ask the other party, do not outweigh the harmful effects of alcohol on your health. However, new studies appear almost weekly that list the benefits of a glass of red wine daily. The news is now circulating again? Red wine can reduce or prevent colds, if you show it to researchers Harvard Asks. The substance that causes this magic is the polyphenols that red wine is full of. These polyphenols are said to reduce the risk of catching a cold by up to 40%.

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Small Side note: The survey was actually done in 2002, so it may not be relevant anymore. Although we usually have to take these types of studies with extreme caution, this finding is music to our ears. And you understand: Tonight we’re enjoying an extra glass of red wine.

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