Dtv Nieuws – The Local Prevention Agreement should make Bosschen residents healthier

A local ban agreement was signed in Den Bosch this week. It contains plans and goals set to make residents healthier and happier.

This week, the signatures were signed by the municipality, Farent, MEE, GGD, Humanitas and Jeroen Bosch Hospital. The intent, for example, is also to join schools, general practitioners, supermarkets, sports associations, and neighborhoods.

The local prevention agreement focuses on a number of topics that have a major impact on health. This relates to healthy eating, not smoking, adequate exercise, relaxation, and alcohol consumption in moderation. The objectives contained in the agreement have not yet been established in the implementation plans.

Alderman Uvuk Kaya: “Fortunately, the health of many residents is doing very well. However, health is not intuitive for everyone. This often applies to low-income residents or residents who often need help making choices. Life expectancy is up to seven years shorter than the average life expectancy of other residents. We find this unacceptable. Through the Local Prevention Agreement, we are taking an important step in this matter with residents and our partners. ”

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