Science Weekend program announced

The full program has been announced for Science Weekend 2023, which will take place on 7 and 8 October. During the Science Festival, the public gets an exclusive look behind the scenes at more than 300 organizations and companies across the Netherlands.

Science is always present and all around us. Sometimes without even realizing it. But how much do we actually know about the science behind our daily lives? That’s why this year’s Science Weekend is all about “How Does It Work?” Whether it’s about the functions of our bodies, the workings of a games console, or even the weather, during the Science Weekend, children across the Netherlands can find answers to these and countless other questions. It is also fun to visit the festival with friends and family.

Chemical companies open their doors

Various chemical companies open their doors to the public. This way you can put yourself in the world’s shoes BASF Heerenveen. Covestro’s doors are open in Waalwijk. You can take an interactive tour and workshop at Avantium. DOW is housed in the Terneuzen and Middelburg Library. You can take a look behind the scenes at ExxonMobil’s Rotterdam refinery. Corbion offers guided tours of Gorinchem so you can see what happens at the factory with your own eyes. LyondellBasell is collaborating with C3 on the Plastic Everywhere project.

Other highlights include an interactive lecture on the brain by Professor Eric Scherder at the Rijksmuseum Boerhaave, a workshop by Andre Kuipers and other astronauts at ESA-ESTEC in Noordwijk, learning to recognize sounds and species through artificial intelligence at Naturalis in Leiden, and at MAAK Haarlem. The first 3D printed boat has been officially christened.

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The opening will be held by the outgoing Minister of Education, Culture and Culture. Science, by Robert Dijkgraaf, takes place at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Dijkgraaf is also involved in children’s activities at the university.

Expanding hotspots

After the successful previous edition, this year it will be the “hot spots” again foot. These hotspots are located within close proximity to each other, making them… Makes it easy to visit many organizations and activities. He. She The Hotspot Program includes at least 20 locations, both known and new, Including Flevocampus in Almere, Marineterrein in Amsterdam, Expedition Junior in Franeker, and the “100 Years of Pharma Future” event in Os.

About Science Weekend

Science Weekend is held annually on the first weekend in October and is organized by the NEMO Science Museum on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. VNCI is a partner of Weekend of Science.

look here For the full program and detailed information about activities and Locations.

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