Sciensano is looking for interviewers for the 2023 National Health Survey

Health Survey 2023
With the help of large-scale health surveys across the country, Sciensano assesses the health status of the population, regardless of age, nationality or health status. The surveys are repeated every five years to monitor the development of important aspects such as general health, lifestyle, health care use…. The 2023 Health Survey is a particularly important release as it follows the COVID-19 crisis. The information collected will support public health policy decisions for years to come.
The seventh survey in the series will be conducted in 2023. More than 6,000 households from 158 municipalities, including Knokke-Heist, will be randomly selected to participate in the survey.

Invitation letter in the mail, now what?
Within a month, an interviewer from Statbel, the Belgian statistical office, will contact you with a request to participate. Participation in the interview is not mandatory, but highly recommended. Only by collecting enough information can policy makers use the results of this large-scale epidemiological study to improve health policy in Belgium.
Invited and looking for additional information? Visit the participants page

Secret post
Participation in the interview is completely confidential and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. Therefore, interviewers are contractually obligated to observe professional confidentiality. In addition, the study was also approved by the Medical Ethics Committee of Ghent University Hospital and Ghent University.

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