Scots form the ‘Freedom Chain’ for an independent Scotland

Pro-independence newspaper the National You mentioned “thousands of participants.” The images included people raising Scottish flags standing on a bridge in Glasgow and along the canal.

The aim was to create a “chain of freedom” – a human chain – extending more than 100 kilometers from Bowling Harbor, west of Glasgow, to the capital, Edinburgh. To achieve this, organizers estimate that about 77,000 people will be needed.

Government leader Humza Yousaf intends to present an independence strategy proposal at the annual conference of his Scottish National Party (SNP), which begins next Sunday in Aberdeen. Nicola Sturgeon’s successor wants the SNP to recognize its majority in Scotland as a mandate for independence at the next UK general election, expected to be held in 2024. Youssef told the PA news agency he then wants to negotiate with the UK central government on how to “implement this mandate”. “Democratically.”

The Scottish National Party crisis

The Scottish National Party has been facing a serious crisis since Sturgeon’s resignation. The party is under investigation for financial irregularities. Sturgeon and her husband, former Scottish National Party chief executive Peter Murrell, have been placed in temporary custody.

According to a recent opinion poll, supporters and opponents of independence are approximately equal. In a 2014 referendum, a small majority of Scots voted in favor of union with Great Britain. However, the Scottish National Party says the situation has changed due to Brexit, which Scots have rejected. The British government refuses to hold a new referendum.

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